Shopping Experience

Reinventing retail to attract, engage and convert shoppers to loyal customers with personalised shopping experience

An enhanced shopping experience transcends different channels of sales and customer touch-points. Retailers today strive to extend a seamless, consistent experience to consumers across channels and this includes reward programs that the retailer may deploy.

The convenience, with which a consumer can earn points and then redeem them across channels, is an important aspect of ‘Enhanced Shopping Experience’. Despite all technological advances and sophistication of retail systems and processes, most retailers still struggle to extend this seamless shopping experience to consumers.

The Enhanced Shopping Experience is something that stays with the consumer even when they are neither in-store nor online Personalised e-mails and notifications updating the consumer on current promotions, loyalty points, coupon updates, etc. ensure that the retailer remains on ‘top of the mind’ of the consumer in a completely non-intrusive manner.

iVend Retail Management Suite is an enterprise class retail application set that helps retailers enhance Shopping Experience for their customers. iVend Mobile is a fully functional point-of-sale application that can transform any iPad/iPhone/Android tablet into a point of service, empowering store employees to become customer-focused store assistants.

Integrated loyalty in iVend POS is a comprehensive point & rewards management feature, that helps a retailer reward and track accumulation and redemption of consumers’ loyalty points across channels – in-store as well as online. Concurrently, iVend Passes ensure that the retailer remains digitally connected with customers by sending digital discounts and loyalty coupons that are geotagged and personalised, directly to their mobile device.