How do iVend Passes work


This section contains information related to PassBook functionality and its usage in iVend Retail Management suite. The PassBook integration is available for iOS and Android-based devices and smartphones.

In order to use the Passbook functionality in iVend Retail, the user/customer will be issued login credentials from CitiXsys. Once obtained, the users will be provided with three sample templates from iVend:

  1. Gift Card
  2. Coupon
  3. Loyalty Card

The sample templates can be used by the user/customer for their operations. User can also create new template and edit the existing template available in the login.

When using the Passbook integration with iVend Retail POS, the user needs to check the following flag on the iVend Enterprise screen:

Is Passbook Integrated



The PassBook functionality has been designed especially for the iOS and Android devices. Users have to install iVend Retail v6 and onwards to use this functionality.

Setting up Passbook:

Login under the URL and once entering the login credentials, the user will be able to view the menu options as:


  1. My Templates
  2. My Passbooks
  3. Email Designer
  4. Certificates
  5. Imports

User can design certificates, coupons, and loyalty cards from the Designing tool available in the application.

On selection of the Gift Card, the user can see the existing Gift card template available in the system. Also, the user would be able to change or create a new template for the Gift Card.

My Templates:

To see the list of templates in the system, please click on My Template. It will populate the screen as below:


Now to have a detailed view of the existing templates, take the cursor to the name field over the row and it will populate a Pass as shown below:


To edit the existing template, click the Edit option on the row. It will open the form as shown below:

Barcode: Click this option in order to change the barcode related settings.

Only two dimensional barcodes are supported in the PassBook. The barcode readers should also be 2D supported devices.


Style: User can import/change the logo/background for their PassBook. The user can import .png files for this setting. Below are the highlighted fields for reference


Header: The user can change the Header of the Gift certificate/Coupon/Loyalty card. They can also add/edit text as per their organisational requirement and the same will be displayed on the customer s device.


As per the picture above, user can change the logo text according to their choice. The Balance can be given by the user in order to display the same on the Pass

Type Field : Keep the Type field as String.

Change Message : The user can add a message in this area in order to send notification to the customer. The message can be written between quotes, along with %@. The end should be as specified below :

“Your Gift Card value has been updated %@.”

This notification could be in terms of Balance of the Gift Card, etc.

Primary : In this setup, the user can specify the text which can be displayed on the Pass as mentioned in the below picture. Please follow the screen highlighted in Red box.


Secondary :

This is the second level text that can be added to the pass e.g. Customer name, Validity of the Pass, etc. Refer to the picture below with the highlighted fields:


Auxiliary :  This is an optional field that can be displayed between secondary field and Barcode field over the POS. Here, the user can add extra information to be populated over the Pass.

Refer highlighted fields in Red :


Back :  This again is an optional field available on the Pass which will allow user to add information on the back side of the Pass, and the content can be as extensive as desired. For example, the user can add Terms and Conditions for the Pass.

Refer highlighted fields in Red :


Locations :

The number of stores can be defined as locations in this Pass (specifically the store locations), which allow the user to get an alert whenever the Pass holder (i.e. customer) is in vicinity of these geographic locations.


After adding the locations to the Pass, user can view the list of locations as mentioned in the above picture. Refer the text marked with red box (above).

My Pass Books

User can view the number of Passes that have been issued to their customers to date. A complete list will be visible to the user with the inclusion of gift cards, loyalty cards and coupons (e.g. if 5 loyalty cards, 5 coupons and 5 gift certificates have been issued , that means 15 PassBooks have been provided so far from the store. The user can view the Name, Template, Type (coupon, gift card etc.) for each customer.

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Please find the below picture:


Email Templates

With this functionality, user can set templates for sending email notifications to the customers who have been issued with Passes.

The user can design their own templates by clicking on the Create Template button available. After creation of the same, the user can Save Template and use it for email notifications.


My Certificate

The user can view their Issued certificates in this section.


The user is able to see the complete statistics related to the Passes that have been issued to the customers. See below for reference: