How does iVend eCommerce work

iVend eCommerce is an eCommerce, mCommerce platform seamlessly integrated with iVend Retail. It is the most convenient way to extend ones business to the Internet significantly reducing the otherwise extensive investments in development or deployment.

iVend eCommerce runs on Windows Web Server (IIS 6.0 and above) and it is built on .Net technology using C# (MVL Architecture). The application has its own database MS SQL and is compatible with most commonly used web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc.


The application is licensed as an on-premises solution and consists of many optional addons which can be licensed depending on the customer’s requirements. The application is installed and configured on a server which is typically hosted at a data center.


iVend eCommerce is seamlessly integrated with iVend Retail Enterprise server. While your online store runs on web servers hosted in datacenters, your entire business processes are available offline at your office server running iVend Enterprise, which acts as your head office/ offline console. This means, all your items, customers, promotions etc are seamlessly synced in both places. You won’t have to login online every time something changes. The architecture takes care of this. If you ever open a physical retail store or have make-shift promotional kiosks, all you need to do is create a store in iVend Enterprise, buy store/POS licenses and be ready for business in hours. Its that simple.

It is however optional that an ERP or any accounting application is also present. You may use the ready-to-use ERP integrations with SAP ERP (ECC 6.0), SAP Business One or Quickbooks or create a new integration with current ERP.

All the master data is integrated into iVend eCommerce from iVend Enterprise. SKUs (Items) and customers can be defined in either of the applications and their integration is bidirectional. Its integration into iVend Retail ensures that all the retail related processes – promotions, special prices, coupons, gift cards and loyalty are also available on iVend eCommerce.


The usage of the application is extremely intuitive and use friendly. A typical order on iVend eCommerce is a 6 step process. The fulfillment location – the place from where the orders will be fulfilled can either be a retail store or a distribution center. The application can also be configured where a rage of zip codes (postal codes) are fulfilled from a specific retail store (or a distribution center).

If there is an ERP integrated with iVend Retail, the fulfillment process can be handled from the ERP application since the orders get integrated into the ERP.

The application has inbuilt SEO (Search Engine Optimization) features. Every page in the iVend eCommerce can be given a title, meta description, and keywords, which can either be unique for each product or default values can be set to be used across the site.

The application also enables the affiliate features allowing to work with other sites. This means that the application allows products to be listed on other aggregators like amazon, ebay etc.