How does iVend Loyalty work

If a retailer is already running iVend Retail, you are ready to go, as iVend Loyalty follows the familiar landscape, deployment and connectivity philosophy.

License and Installation

iVend Loyalty comes as an integrated part of iVend Retail Point of Sale. Since iVend Loyalty deals with creating and managing loyalty cards, these cards are licensed as an annual recurring component based on the number of cards licensed.

The iVend Loyalty and Customer Portal come as a bundled component of iVend Retail Management Suite. All the retailers needs to do is to activate the Loyalty function from the iVend Enterprise set-up screen, and then configure it as per requirements.


  • Seamless integration between iVend Loyalty and iVend Retail ensures that customer-specific information is available at the POS for the cashier.
  • Once a customer is selected at the POS, their current points are displayed to the cashier. The customer has the option to utilise their loyalty points as a tender defined in iVend Retail.
  • The points accumulated are integrated into iVend Loyalty and iVend Retail on the completion of the transaction at the POS.
  • Each time a transaction is completed in iVend Retail, the customer registered for Loyalty is rewarded as per configuration. The data flows transparently through the enterprise behind the scenes, across system and network boundaries.
  • The application also comes with standard email templates that can be used to communicate with the customers. These templates can be used to inform the customer on their loyalty point status.