How does iVend Reporting and Analytics work

iVend Dashboards is a set of business intelligence utilities that provides a 360-degree, near real-time view of the retail operations. A Dashboard is a visual representation that gives senior retail management a quick and easy way to view their enterprise’s performance on a near real-time basis.

Dashboards for web viewing works with the Enterprise (database) server. This Web Viewer is installed in IIS as an iVend API.

Dashboards pulls all the information into one place, so you don’t have to log into multiple systems with multiple log-ins. It can also collate data, so the information is presented whichever way you want to access it.

Dashboard Designer

iVend Dashboards comes with a host of packaged dashboards . However, if a retailer requires more specific dashboards or analyses, iVend Retail accommodates that easily by utilising the Dashboard Designer. The Query Builder can also be used in generating the required dashboards.

The shrink-wrapped solution utilises industry-pioneering, Business Intelligence technology to provide browser-accessible Analytics, Dashboards & Reports, derived from the iVend Retail dataset.

The application has a tabbed layout with an intuitive interface for slicing and dicing data across dimensions. Seeing-is-Believing is the credo behind the analysis presented.

Post extraction of data, the iVend Dashboards application’s data model is refreshed regularly. The in-memory data model utilises proprietary association logic for agile data analysis. The Dashboards application presents pre-defined KPIs and measures; which can be extended on a case-by-case basis to incorporate client-specific analyses.

Interface objects allow data to be visualised in both graphical & tabular layout as well as printed and exported to Excel.

Report scheduling

Rather than putting in repeated requests for trends and figures, iVend Dashboards can be set to send off reports (in PDF format) on a pre-scheduled basis. The reports can also be requested using SMS short-codes.