iVend Integrations

Retailers have to improve coordination in business processes and data-sharing in order to maximise the value they deliver and minimise costs. So, this requires them to integrate previously discrete retail IT functions to enable a true omnichannel enterprise.

Just as we always let a specialist execute a specialised job, quite in the same manner, specific business processes are best handled by applications designed especially to carry out those functions. But there is always a need to get all these specialised applications to work together as an integrated unit.

This is the genesis of application integrations.

There is always a dichotomy of one single application versus different applications integrated together. However in the case of Retail Industry the argument shifts in favour of specialised applications integrating together to operate as a single homogenous unit. And it is the sophistication of the integration that determines the seamless operation of the applications.

In a Retail environment, the range of the business processes and the people who execute them are significantly disparate. The level of sophistication between the two types – be it processes or the people executing them, is also very different.

Because of this, one always finds a Retail POS system INTEGRATED into the core accounting / ERP application. The POS component of a Retail System is configured at the Retail Store while the ERP is configured at a central location.

iVend Retail on Cloud is integrated across all of its applications and gives a unified, single view of the customer to the retailer. And seamless integration offers better insight, faster operations and overall profitability.