iVend Reporting and Analytics is a comprehensive suite of reporting and analysis capabilities including customizable dashboards and reports, to provide timely and actionable information to Operations teams across channels.

A comprehensive set of pre-packaged, customizable dashboards provides detailed key performance indicators and alerts across all operations and channels. iVend reporting and analytics includes standard reports covering the common areas need to run retail operations effectively, which can be run to a schedule or on demand.

An easy to use report writer in iVend assists users in developing their own simple reports without IT assistance

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WHITEPAPER: Retail Analytics – The Perfect business enhancement

Tactical and strategic insights
Using iVend Dashboards, retailers can get insights into merchandise movement to optimise inventory for averting stock outs. Dashboards utilize transaction data to generate strategic insights for effective and timely decision making.
Comparative analysis of historical & current data
iVend Dashboards incorporate historical data, and give comparative charts and graphs to graphically represent enterprise wide performance.
Sales trends and figures
Dashboards process transaction data to generate trends for leveraging top-performing SKUs. Conversely, retailers can also use iVend Dashboards to find out which items are non-performers, and optimize inventory accordingly.
Real-time inventory alerts
iVend Dashboards have inbuilt options to notify whenever an item inventory runs low, providing real-time alerts to prevent incidents of stock-outs and inventory distortion.
Dashboards tailored to individual stores, products and roles
The top-down view of Dashboards allows the management of the retail chain to view top-performing and non-performing stores. This selection can also work for items and promotions to see their efficiency.
Store Analysis
  • Net Sales Vs Transactions
  • Transactions on POS
  • Store wise Net Sales analysis
  • Average sales transactions/store
  • Month on Month Analysis
  • Top performers & bottom performers
Product analysis
  • Product-wise contribution in total sales
  • Product-store wise net sales
  • Upsells & gift certificates
  • Special categorization for lost Sales
  • Newly Introduced & Non Moving Product Indicators
Customer level analysis
  • Company & Individual Contribution
  • Sales trend of each time
  • Calculation of basket size from generated revenue
  • Customer Type Vs. Net Sales Trends
  • Transactions Vs. Salesman
  • Promotional Sales Vs. Overall sales Analysis
  • Statistics by Promotion Type
Comparative Sales Analysis
  • Net sales Growth Comparison for Store, Product group, product Drill-down
Attribute Analysis
  • Attribute & sub-attribute analysis for Matrix Child Products
  • Trend Analysis
Sales Persons
  • Top Performers
  • Trend Analysis
  • Individual Contribution
Inventory Snapshot
  • In Stock & available Stock
  • Actual Stock display, keeping aside the committed stock
  • Reorder Alert basis average weekly, net quantity vs. available quantity
  • Shrinkage details based on actual stock take to ascertain pilferage
Payment Analysis
  • Store wise & trend analysis by various payment modes
  • Inventory Snapshot
  • In Stock & available Stock
  • Actual Stock display keeping aside committed stock
  • Reorder Alert basis average weekly, Net quantity Vs. Available quantity
  • Shrinkage details based on Actual stock take to ascertain pilferage

How Does It Work

The video in focus here talks about the importance of Dashboards with specific reference to the Retail Industry with iVend Dashboards as the application of choice. It also demonstrates the application for the different stakeholders in a retail organization.

It has been acknowledged in various studies that all channels across Retail verticals gain from a retail analytics solution and given that e-commerce and mobility are relatively new channels of sale – they tend to gain more. We show the application in detail with its inclusive set of pre-packaged, shrink wrapped dashboards specifically for retailers.

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