Omnichannel Retailing

Integrate all retail touch points and extend a consistent shopping experience

Customers expect and demand equal service across all channels,in-store, web, mobile, and tablet; regardless of the challenges that pose in front of a retailer. Indeed, only few retailers, enterprise or otherwise, can claim they have a consistent, seamless experience across all channels. The challenges of building an omnichannel retail enterprise multiply when applied to a global scale—when multiple languages, currencies, and taxation standards enter the equation.

Retailers who have consumers interacting with them via multiple selling channels are more profitable than the ones who don’t. The trend that has blended online shopping experience with the immediacy of a physical store makes any discussion of a single ‘selling channel’ irrelevant. On the other hand, consumers don’t see ‘channels’; all they perceive is that either the retailer addresses consumers’ needs the way they want it, where they want it and how they want it… or they don’t. If the retailer is not there where the customer needs him to be, then the sale is lost, and the memory will temper their further interactions. Omnichannel retailing addresses all those needs. Whether it is online, in-store, or even buy online, pick-up in store, omnichannel covers it all.

The biggest opportunity, as perceived by retailers, is creating enterprise-wide visibility about the customer, target insights, and a single customer interaction platform. iVend Retail Management Suite is an integrated solution, empowering retailers to better manage their enterprise operations that can span across geographies. Seamless integration amongst applications provides customers with a consistent and seamless shopping experience.

iVend POS is the new Point of Service for the retail store of today. Integrating fluidly within its various applications like Loyalty, Passes, Analytics and the like, the new-age iVend POS redefines omnichannel retailing. iVend eCommerce is a web/mCommerce platform, integrated into iVend Retail, that empowers brick-and-mortar retailers to have a single view of their consumers and have effective inventory management within the iVend Retail Suite. iVend Loyalty embraces cross platform point accumulation and redemption for the customer. iVend Passes enables the customer to have current status of loyalty cards, gift cards and coupons.

The transformation of a traditional store to a digitally-enhanced retail store is a result of growing percentage of retail revenues driven by eCommerce and the influence of digital technologies on consumer behavior and expectations. Forward-looking Retailers are trying to reevaluate the value proposition of the store and adopt the right mix of technology to offer a seamless online and offline shopping experience.

Most importantly, visibility is the essential building block for omnichannel success. It requires seamless alignment of inventory, customer relationship management (CRM), and order management. iVend Retail Management Suite gives clear visibility across the entire retail enterprise, offering a consistent, agile view of the entire retail operations.

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