iVend Integrations – Through APIs

integrations-other-erps-flatiVend Retail supports API based plugin support for integrating with a multitude of enterprise applications.

iVend APIs are discoverable endpoints that allow third-party systems to interact with the underlying components directly, without having to understand complex code and proprietary mechanisms of service discovery and invocation.

The API framework conforms to SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) principles and fully supports SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) payloads in the universal XML web services protocol. Thus, partners and customers can leverage upon existing technologies and platforms of their choice to integrate their enterprise or back office systems with iVend Retail.

The iVend API Framework ships with detailed documentation that includes sample code and a complete listing of all discoverable services including data types and other configuration details. The API Framework ensures that the partners and customers maximise their ROI and minimise their TCO. Most importantly, this benefits the end users of the existing back office applications who would otherwise need to be trained on a new enterprise system that is tightly coupled with iVend Retail.

Future upgrades to the base iVend Retail as a result of continuous innovation, are also reflected in the API Framework, resulting in a consistent and homogeneous retail ecosystem.

The core elements of the offering include:

  • The iVend Integration Platform with a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
  • A trained & dedicated Partner Ecosystem for ERP integration
  • Partner support & training program
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