Partner Program Overview

CitiXsys is a partner-centric organisation that helps its partners develop and sustain a profitable business via its products and services for retail. CitiXsys products are sold and implemented by reselling and consulting partners in over 45+ countries. The success of iVend Retail is largely contributed to by our Global Partner Network and our pursuit in providing customers with solutions that exceed their expectations.

Hundreds of retail businesses across the world have created successful practices around iVend Retail Management Suite.

CitiXsys has the strategic mix of world-class products and a well-established network of partners. By leveraging country-specific or regional iVend resources and the expertise of the central team and our global R&D centre, CitiXsys implements its philosophy that centred around partner enablement, profitability and customer satisfaction.

CitiXsys has its corporate headquarters in New York City, USA, an R&D centre in New Delhi, India and offices in Chicago, Toronto, Mexico, Panama, Dublin, London, Nairobi, Dubai, Singapore, Sydney, and Melbourne. These offices support our business partners with technical, commercial, pre- and post- sales support. We also have strategic alliances with leading vendors as part of the retail ecosystem including ERP, hardware, EFT and other technologies that enable our partners to offer complete solutions to retailer customers and prospects.

Our partner ecosystem is divided in five broad categories:

Value Added Resellers (VAR)
Pure reselling partner who adds value with their implementation and support services. Certification (Sales & Implementation) is required for different partner levels.

VAR Developer
A VAR Developer is essentially a technology partner who extends the iVend Platform by developing modules using iVend APIs or by the use of source code. Here, a Developer Certification is required.

ISV Embed
ISV Embed partners are software companies who can extend their own platform (ERP, etc) by embedding iVend within their own solutions. They white label iVend as own solution to position in retail verticals.

OEM Partners
OEM Partners can bundle iVend (or modules) into a total solution, typically with hardware or payment gateways. Such partners can position their offerings by bundling iVend with their own products.

Innovation Partners
Innovation Partners are companies with innovative retail solutions (e.g. fraud protection, micro-verticals etc.) who can position their solutions in iVend base. With the iVend Platform, they position an integrated solution.
Partner program members are able to use the Partner/ Customer Portal for information on CitiXsys products, services and raise queries that are answered within 24 hours.

There are multiple levels of partnerships that have been established with varying degrees of revenue earning potential. The CitiXsys Partner Program enables companies to make the most of the opportunities available in the marketplace.

One can choose to operate with us at different partnership levels, depending on the retail business objectives. The CitiXsys mission is to help Partners achieve their business goals by offering best-in-class software, consulting and services.

For more extensive information on the CitiXsys Partner Programme, partners are requested to visit the CitiXsys Knowledge Portal and register themselves to stay updated on the latest developments in iVend Retail.